Terms & Policies



Full payment is required to fully reserve your spot for any retreat , unless a payment plan has been set in place. If you are not sure how to register and fully reserve your spot, please don't hesitate to email us at hello@borealblissyogaretreats.com


Please view each individual retreat webpage for a cancellation policy. Each venue we partner with has a unique policy that we follow. In accordance with the venues, we do not cancel due to weather. All inquires, please email hello@borealblissyogaretreats.com


Check-in typically runs from 4pm-6pm, please be sure to review the specific retreat you are attending and it's schedule. Every retreat is different, so if you have been to one in the past, our evening may be relatively different depending on the events we have planned. Reviewing the schedule on our website, social media, and our emails sent to you after registering, will show you the detail day-to-day activities we have planned for you.


Please refer to our Facilities Page and/or each of the specific retreat pages to learn more about what each place has to offer.


Please email all medical concerns to hello@borealblissyogaretreats.com