Healing at Red Rocks

Just below the Red Rock Amphitheater over looking the rolling hills.

Just below the Red Rock Amphitheater over looking the rolling hills.

Imagine being surrounded by red rock formations that cover over 850 acres of land. Imagine gazing up into the sky and noticing endless stars above you and how they appear much closer than ever before. Imagine gazing forward and noticing the rolling hills and the vastness of Denver in the distance, and as you continue to look down, imagine there is a stage with talented musicians on it serenading you with sweet melodies. Imagine being completely engulfed by nature, happy individuals with good vibrations, and amazing music. 

This is Red Rocks Amphitheater, and underneath the unforgettable night sky and the Strawberry Full Moon, tears of joy streamed down my face as Nahko began to sing, 

I believe in the good things coming…

Amazing capture by omie, Ericka Day

Amazing capture by omie, Ericka Day

The amphitheater exploded in light and love as this powerful phrase from his popular and transformational song titled Black As Night began. The artist, who calls himself Nahko Bear, is known for his desire to bridge cultural gaps through his musical talents when he sings about spirituality, healing, and personal growth (http://nahko.com/about/). If you have been in a class guided by me then you have most likely heard some of his music, probably this exact song.

Seeing him live was a huge deal for me! 

One of the first songs added to my Road Trippin’ Babes playlist, this song pierced my soul with so much joy in Morrison, CO. It’s amazing how powerful music is and how connected we all feel towards it. A song, an album, a timeline of our past life filled with love, heartache, and joy. A tool to help cope with big life changes and a way to bring a smile to our faces. I don’t know about you, but I’d be lost without a good 90’s pop song to cheer me up. 

Nowadays, I’m grateful for my love of music as it never fails to mend a broken heart or evoke a joyful spirit. And my trip to Red Rocks was one for healing, connection, and love.  

What The hell am i doing?.jpg

The past six months have been a doozy, yet they have been filled with inspiration, adventure, and so much good music. Life has a way of balancing itself out. I’m realizing that, and I like that. As I feel myself nearing the end of this specific current transformational experience, though, I often find myself asking, “what the hell am I doing?”

It’s easy to feel lost when change is on the horizon. Especially when change has been occurring for a long time.

It all started when I moved my business 50+ blocks west in January. For the next few months this transition alone was exhausting, yet completely worth it. And this is when my love for Nahko deepened as I was looking for a sense of calm during this chaotic storm. He has a way with words. He has a way of making you feel not so alone as your feet move forward.

As the months continued, I began to fully realize that things weren’t exactly what I had envisioned within my personal life. There was darkness, sadness, and uncertainty all around me. The truth was unveiling itself, and it took me a lot of courage to face the fact that I was living untrue to myself. 

I remember countless drives around Skyline filled with heavy tears. The playlist in my car always on repeat, helping paint a picture of my past, present, and future. These songs, ringing true in the deepest part of my psyche. 

I believe in the good things coming….jpg

“I believe in the good things coming” -  This phrase, not only one of my favorite songs, but now my mantra, a phrase I would repeat over and over in my daily life with profound intention as to fully encompass the meaning of it.

I needed this phrase, this song, (I still do) as a reminder that there is always lightness in the dark, as a reminder that I am not alone. Because let’s be honest, we all have those moments of loneliness. 

This song reminds me of the courage I found to follow my heart and to end something that I held so close to my heart for so long. And as I stood there, with four of my best friends, gazing up at the full moon smothered in a blanket of stars, while surrounded by beautiful red rocks and people singing the lyrics all around me, it was all too perfect. For a moment I knew that good things were coming.

Some may call it getting lost in the music; I call it healing.  

Joella Miller