Boreal Bliss- of the north




1.       of the north or northern regions.

2.       Ecology: relating to or characteristic of the climatic zone south of the Arctic, especially the cold temperate region dominated by taiga and forests of birch, poplar, and conifers.

"northern boreal forest"

For me, "North" is a state of mind.

cold mornings, wool socks, a stripping away of harsh noises

Sea smoke, sun dogs, lunar halos, all the wonders of nature out my window

wet stones, sheets of ice, snowflakes on eyelashes/on the breeze/swirling in sunlight

cross-country skiing (like walking, just much more awkward and difficult)

secret trails, hidden spaces beneath bridges

birch trees quaking in fallsummerwinterspring

Less people, steamy breath in the morning, pink cheeks

Evergreen treeline against an indigo sky beneath a smattering of stars

vast sunrises yawning far and wide

jumping off the dock, paddling at every opportunity

mason jars full of agates and sea glass catching sunlight on every windowsill

North is an escape, it is home, it is all the space inside of me

It is not where I was born but where I was born to be.

It is the warm kindling I carry around in my heart when the world grows cold. 


Why Boreal Bliss? 

We do this because we love it. We do this because we love to connect with other incredible women. We do this because we love helping others create time for introspection, wellness, self-care, and reflection. We do this because we love building community.

We do this because we are passionate about helping others (and ourselves) find time for joy, to lift others up, to relish in all that the NORTH has to offer.  

We do this because we want our guests to leave feeling lighter, a renewed sense of self, a renewed commitment to self-love and self-care, and a renewed sense of awe and admiration for the majesty of Mama Nature.

We do this because we too are constantly seeking our own 'true north'. We do this because we love bonfires, yoga, laughter, hiking, and silliness.

For us, this collaboration has been a celebration of everything we hold most dear. We want our guests to leave carrying the vastness of northern Minnesota home with them. 

Journal Prompt:

What comes to mind when you consider the following phrases?  “Going up north,” “heading north,” “living in the North,” or “finding your true north.”  

7-10 minute free-write




Amanda Thoe