Wild Women Yoga Retreat

at Wolf Ridge

AUGUST 15-18, 2019


Wilderness + Women + Yoga

There's something incredible about a group of women in the wilderness.  Add yoga, meditation, journaling, and adventure on top of it?  It simply cannot be beat.

Finland, MN aka "The North Shore"


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Why Yoga in Nature?

The power of nature is gaining recognition all around the world and is one of the most therapeutic ways we can connect to our most authentic self. Nature has a way of improving our mood and easing anxiety, stress, and depression. Through this Wild Women Yoga Retreat, we will liberate our souls, manifest our dreams, and reconnect to Mother Nature. As we step away from our day-to-day lives, we are able to completely immerse ourselves in the peaceful frequency of the wilderness as we walk, move, breathe, and live in nature.

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Wolf Ridge is the kind of place where living things can change before your eyes. Things like trees, animals, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Things like you. Because at Wolf Ridge, learning is the greatest adventure there is.
— Wolf Ridge Staff Member


Our Wild Women Yoga Retreat will be located at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Northern Minnesota. We will be surrounded by lush greenery, filled with your favorite northern trees, two lakes, two high peaks, over 18 miles of trails, and endless breath-taking views of Lake Superior.

Imagine sitting on your yoga mat and looking out into Northern Minnesota's most tranquil landscape and the beauty of the untouched land, as we move and breathe to the rising and setting of the sun allowing us to tap into our most authentic self. With less distractions, we are able to tune into our progress and personal growth. We progress on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Surrounded by not only Mother Nature herself, but with other beautiful, like-minded women setting out to begin or deepen their yoga journey.

This yoga retreat is open to all-levels of yoga practitioners.  Come with an open heart and an open mind!

A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity.
— Jeannette LeBlanc
Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits


Accommodations + Rates

Guests will room with just one other person and will share a bathroom with a total of four individuals. The dorms are in the same building as the yoga room which overlooks the rolling hills and lush trees.

The price includes 4 days and 3 nights of accommodations, meals, workshops, yoga, and activities.  

Price: $525 + tax


If you wish to:

  • be sure to reserve a spot and

  • avoid Eventbrite fees (approx. $35 in savings)

  1. You may pay by check directly. Simply mail out a check payable to Boreal Bliss Yoga Retreats LLP for $542 (includes sales tax on food and lodging) to:

Amanda Imes

2323 Boland Drive

Duluth, MN 55804

*You may also drop off a check with Joella at one of her classes at JEM Duluth! 

2. Checks must be received prior to March 29th in order to reserve your spot.

Payment plans are also available. Please email hello@borealblissyogaretreats.com prior to March 29 if you would like to purchase a ticket using a payment plan. This option will not be visible on our Eventbrite registration page. 

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Packing List for your Retreat

  • Yoga mat

  • Journal or notebook and writing utensil (colored pencils if you like to doodle)- Boreal Bliss Journals will be available for purchase at the retreat.

  • Bathroom supplies and toiletries: bath & hand towel, washcloth, shampoo/conditioner, soap, hand soap

  • Swimming towel & swimsuit

  • Yoga block(s) and strap

  • (meditation) pillow - any pillow will do!

  • Small cozy blanket to bring to sessions (for savasana, meditation, journaling, etc)

  • Yoga clothes

  • Lots of layers!!!

  • Water bottle

  • Travel coffee/tea mug

  • Beverages and snacks of your choice

  • Cooler for your beverages/snacks

  • Camp chair for sitting outside and fires

  • Rain gear

  • Good book to curl up with

  • Tennis shoes for rock climbing (rock climbing included in price)

  • Hiking boots

  • Sandals

  • Running shoes

  • Sleeping bag and/or bedding for your bed

  • Pillow and pillow case

  • Ear plugs or small fan (if you are a light sleeper & concerned about getting good sleep)

  • Fan for your room: Our accommodations feature the utmost latest technology in sustainable resources and renewable energy. While the building is designed to remain cool, it can still get toasty in August in Minnesota!

  • Flashlight and/or headlamp

  • Blow up paddle board if you want to use your own (have to hike it down to the lake approx. 1 mile)

  • SUNSCREEN AND BUG SPRAY (please spray outside of lodging)

  • Creative beads/feathers/fabric/supplies if you’d like to add a little something extra to your dream catcher!

  • Extra cash/check for retail times and/or optional massage therapy


Directions to Wolf Ridge

6282 Cranberry Rd, Finland, MN 55603

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits



3 Nights | 4 Days | 6 Master Classes | Workshops | Meditation | Journaling | 9 Delicious Meals (Vegan, GF, Vegetarian options available) |18 miles of Hiking Trails | 2 Indoor Climbing Walls | Outdoor High Ropes Course | Canoeing | Swimming | Time for Relaxation | Wildlife Sightings | Adventure!



2+ month notice: $50 fee

1-2 month notice: $80 fee

Less than 1 month notice: 75% of total amount fee

Two weeks or less notice: no refunds available.

We hope that you can appreciate the amount of time, love, and energy we wholeheartedly put into each retreat.  Not just during the event, but the many months leading up to it.

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon lakes Portraits

Loon lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits

Loon Lakes Portraits