Stress Relief at Eagle Bluff

What is yoga?

“I thought it was hauling a yoga mat to a crowded sweaty classroom to perform a series of moves instructed by a yoga expert. But really, it is practicing mindfulness, intertwining it through your everyday life. It is listening to your body and giving it what it needs. A stretch to work out a kink, deep breaths to calm the nerves, or engaging the senses with purpose.”

-Shannon Foss

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Bryana Cook
Balancing Excess Vata Energy in Fall and Early Winter

Fall and early winter is a time of excess vata energy. Vata season is characterized by an influx of dry, cool air, and a feeling of change.

Given the restlessness of the season, we wanted to share a few Yoga and Ayurvedic practices that may help you incorporate some grounding and balancing practice into your day as we navigate the transitional, windy season.

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How Yoga Helped With My Anxiety

When I roll out my mat and allow myself to connect to my breath, everything around me begins to slow down. The background noises begin to fade and eventually all I can hear is the powerful force of my breath flowing through my body, charging me up, reminding me that I am here, not there.

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Joella Miller Comment
What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is suitable for everyone and anyone. Too often people are intimidated by yoga due to images they are being fed in popular media.  You can practice yoga. I promise that you can.  Yoga is for everyone and certainly does not require flexibility, strength, or fancy gear. Yoga simply requires that you are ready to show up and incorporate practices that are right for you.  A yoga therapist can empower you to get to that place.

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Bryana CookComment
Setting a Sankalpa

Setting a Sankalpa is powerful. Many of us have dabbled in the practice of intentions/mantras, and find it familiar or somewhat simple to tap into.

In my experience, creating a sankalpa is a deeper, more thoughtful, and long-term practice. Sticking with the same Sankalpa for at least 30 days, and up to 365 days, is ideal.

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Bryana Cook
Wild Women Yoga Retreat 2018 Recap

I sort of feel like I took some hallucinogens. Did that really just happen?

I’ve never taken hallucinogens, but I imagine the aftermath feels a bit like this. I’m still riding high on a wave of gratitude and can’t quite grasp at what it all means. It is hazy. I can grasp some of the threads, I see some images and flashes in the vastness of the experience, but it is going to take time to sit with the experience before the whole picture becomes clear.

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Amanda Thoe
A Single Gal’s Guide to Homebuying!

If you’ve been to one of our retreats, you know that we wholeheartedly believe that yoga is more than just physical postures on the mat. We believe in pulling yoga into every aspect of life. Sonja Bjordal, of Feeding LeRoy, shares her story of overcoming debt, finding wellness through contentment, and achieving a lifelong dream of becoming a homeowner. She shares resources for tackling debt and building a nest egg. We hope you enjoy Sonja’s story as much as we did.  

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Boreal Bliss Yoga Fest 2018: Highs and A Low

Hosting an event leaves the host feeling vulnerable and exposed. “Are people having fun? Does everyone have what they need? How can I improve this experience for the guests? Are the vendors doing okay?” You spend so much time creating this beautiful thing and then when you present it to the world it is scary, because the world might reject your idea.

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Amanda Thoe Comment
Learning to Embrace the Unknown: Snowpocalypse, Hypothermic Conditions, and the Boston Marathon

This week, a story from Omie & mama Michelle Faith. Michelle grew up without a competitive bone in her body. Since her first marathon in 2007, she’s qualified for the Boston Marathon 5x and ran the Boston Marathon 3x. She found confidence, stress relief, and the mind-body connection through running. This year, she found herself facing harrowing conditions, making this one of her most memorable races yet.

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Chasing Dreams & Facing Fears Head On

Not too long ago, my wise & cheerful best friend was going through major life changes.  At times she felt less-than-wise and not-so-cheerful, but she persevered and showed us all how it’s done….  

Now, here I stand, in the eye of my own storm pursuing my own major life change. I am experiencing self-doubt, sadness, excitement, optimism, and hope - all in one. I can feel good things bubbling and brewing…..

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Bryana Cook
Life as a Healer

My whole purpose of leaving my full time job to pursue my passion as a therapeutic healer was to give myself time to be better at what I do, to learn more about yoga and healing, and to have energy to be fully present with each client and student. I wanted to live a life of a holistic healer. I wanted to become a Yogi.

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Upcoming Boreal Bliss Yoga Fest & Retreats

We wanted to give you a little run-down of all of the upcoming events and retreats.  We hope you are able to join us! We are so passionate about yoga, healing, and community.  We are so grateful for you.  We aren't sure if you'll ever quite know just how grateful we truly are.  

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Joella Miller
Another sunrise. Another struggle.

This week, we feature an honest reflection on life as a new mother from one of our beloved Omies, Kelsey Lindsay. 


"In my life before motherhood, I was always struck by the limitlessness of nature; I hungrily sought out mountain ranges, crashing coastlines, open skies and starry nights, yearning for adventure. Nothing ever made my chest feel like it was going to crack open, threatening to spill my soul out in abject wonder quite like the wild glory of nature did. The itching need to go hummed in the background of my days, right up until I held my son for the first time. I immediately felt that I was holding the weight of the universe the moment he was earthside, and once he became a tangible weight in my arms, I knew that my adventurer’s heart would be forever tethered to wherever he was. I was stilled. And in that stillness, I knew that I no longer belonged to myself; I was permanently, irrevocably, forever his, and it is a sacrifice I willingly and wholeheartedly made, but it is a sacrifice nonetheless."
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