Get off the scale, get out of your head, & get into your body

“Why do I do this to myself?”

This simple little statement caught me off guard while in the women’s locker room at work. Naturally, I had to ‘pretend’ to grab something out of my gym bag to see what she was referencing. Low and behold she was getting ready to step on the scale.

I started wondering why there was so much anxiety to step on the scale.

You’re probably thinking, well duh Amy, she’s working towards a goal. As soon as she steps on that scale, the number that pops up on the screen after 3 grueling seconds may not reflect her days, weeks, or maybe months of effort. And to that, I say, don’t let the scale be your only measurement of success! I know, I know, easier said than done.

I was there once. I constantly went back to the scale for reassurance and all it did was frustrate, disappoint and ultimately send me into downward spirals that were almost impossible to pull myself out of. My obsession with the scale is what drove me into being somewhat obsessive about working out and trying every crazy fad diet [uh, hello, military diet, South Beach, Atkins, etc] out there.

The scale was discouraging me instead of inspiring me and could single handedly derail weeks of hard work and determination. While the scale can be helpful in some cases, for most of us looking to lose those pesky 5-10 lbs, it can be more of a deterrent. Most weight fluctuations, that you may interpret as weight gain, is just your body’s water composition at that moment and can vary based on eating, drinking, bowel movements, etc.

What I realized is that I couldn’t let the scale win. It was time to let go of my attachment to the number. Instead I started to focus on my body.

  • Was I energized, happy, strong, and confident?
  • Did I only have to jump up and down once in my bedroom to get into my skinny jeans today?
  • Am I able to walk up the stairs at work without becoming winded or do I still find it easy to pick up my growing six year old and hold her like she’s still my little baby?

Me being able to answer yes to these questions is far more important than what I see when I step on that scale and look down.

It’s time to take the power back and dethrone the scale!


Amy Hallback is a Senior Financial Analyst at the maurices corporate headquarters in Duluth, MN. Amy is also the proud mama of Hattie, a rambunctious 6 year old. Amy enjoys mountain biking, running, and spending time with her family in nature. Amy works as a fitness instructor for FitGirl in Duluth, MN. She’s known among coworkers and friends as a fitness guru and an exceptional resource on cooking for health and wellness.