The anti-instagram yoga photo+inspiring quote yoga challenge.

We are creating this challenge as a way to stay connected with our Boreal Bliss Omies and to meet new like-minded yogis via the World Wide Web.

We are on the heels of two incredible retreats. We are riding high on the good vibes and the renewed connection to our mind and body. We thought our attendees might be looking for a way to keep the good habits rolling as they head home from the retreats. We also thought this might be a fun way to connect with Omies from previous retreats and Omies we haven't even met  yet. (-: 

Most of the instagram yoga challenges we’ve participated in, or followed, involve taking photos in various poses.

Candidly, we aren’t very good at looking svelte or stylish in yoga photos. We just aren’t. We’ve tried…. And tried, and tried and tried.

We want to do a variation of the normal yoga challenge. And really, we’re sort of all about doing yoga for your body. We don’t care about fancy yoga clothes. We do care about honoring your body and moving in ways that feel right for your body, however that looks.

We don’t want you to hide behind quotes from others. We want to read your words. We want to get to know you. We want to keep the conversation going.

This challenge will require you to commit physically and mentally to 15 days of yoga practice. Are you ready?

Day One: Show us where you practice at home

We believe in creating a space for your at-home practice. Declutter a tiny space, fill it with a few items that bring you joy, dim the lights, play some jams, and get a flow in. Only have 5 minutes? That’s enough time for a quick flow!

Day Two:  Show us your happy place

Where do you feel the most peaceful, relaxed, content?

Day Three: Try a new yoga class

Try a class online, a studio you’ve never been to, a new teacher, or give an at-home practice a spin for the first time. Never tried a class online? We love the free youtube videos created by @casacolibri and Yoga with Adrienne.

Day Four: Your favorite yoga pose

What is the one pose you can’t get enough of? This is the only “yoga photo” in this challenge. We challenge you to resist the temptation to curl your hair for this photo. Wear your true up-north, or relaxed, gear. Let’s see that pose in flannels and sweats. Write a few sentences about why your body craves this pose.

Day Five: Share a video of you doing a short yoga flow sequence

Get out of your comfort zone, expose your soft underbelly, and take a video of you doing a yoga sequence that feels comfortable for you. Feel free to speed it up. Show us your flow!

Day Six: Who fills your cup?

Write a love letter to someone in your life that fills your cup. Here are some guiding questions to help get your wheels turning:

o   Who makes you laugh?

o   Who are you with when you learn the most?

o   Who shows up in your darkest hours?

o   Who are you with when you feel most alive?

o   Who do you think of when you hear “amazing friend”?

o   Who asks about your dreams and goals?

o   Who brings out the best in you?  

o   Who do you call when you want to celebrate?



Day Seven: Make a new friend or connect with an old pal

Be brave, reach out to someone and invite them to take a yoga class with you. Post a photo of you and your friend at a yoga class or practice together at home!

Day Eight: Tell us about something you love

Share something with us. We want to get to know you. What makes your heart explode? What never ceases to amaze you? What occupies your time?

Day Nine: Write a love letter to yourself

Is there something you are insecure about? Address that insecurity with love and compassion. Do you need a pep talk? Give yourself one.

Day Ten: Connect with nature

Practice Forest Bathing. Go for a silent walk, hike, run, etc. Share your experience

Forest bathing is a form of meditation that is quickly growing as a scientifically proven way to relax, unwind, and reduce stress.  Head out for a silent walk through the woods.  Take time to stop, sit/stand, listen, smell, and gaze at the sights around you.  Notice how you feel. Write down your experience. 

Read more from our Fall Retreat guest meditation instructor Sarah Seidelman on Forest Bathing: http://followyourfeelgood.com/diy-shamanism-how-to-get-answers-to-difficult-questions-by-forest-bathing/

Day Eleven: Get out of your comfort zone

Do something that you wouldn’t typically do. Something that your typically hesitant to do, yet something that sparks your curiosity. Invite a friend or do it alone!

Day Twelve: Mindful Eating

Food is nourishing. Take time to prepare yourself a delicious meal or go out and treat yourself to your favorite meal. Enjoy this by fully submerging yourself into its smells, taste, and texture. Be mindful. If we close are eyes before we take our next bite, do our senses open up and are we able to notice our food on a more nourishing level? Share with us your favorite meal and let us know if you noticed a change in taste, smell , or texture when you take the time to be present with each bite.  Take a photo of your beautiful food and share the experience!

Day Thirteen:  Meditate

What does your meditation practice look like?  Is it sitting in silence, walking outside, listening to a guided meditation, journaling, chopping wood?

Day Fourteen: Karma Yoga  

Do something for someone else. Volunteer, donate, shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk, send someone a nice note. Share a photo and your experience. We love Karma Yoga, it’s the best.   

Day Fifteen: Share your personal manifesto

A manifesto is a statement about who you are and who you aspire to be. A manifesto is a statement of your core values and identifies where your truest happiness lies. A manifesto can be as short as a few sentences. A manifesto can evolve over a lifetime as we move through the seasons of our life.


How to play/prizes! 


1st Prize: $50 off a future retreat

2nd Prize: Boreal Bliss Tank

3rd Prize: Boreal Bliss Journal and Writing Prompts

To participate, share the challenge photo. Tag @borealblissyogaretreats in your submissions and use the hashtag #borealblissyogaretreats and #omiesathomie so we can see what you post! Some of this may be a bit personal. You don't have to share everything, but find something you are comfortable sharing so you receive credit! With so much love, Amanda/Bry/Joella/Stacy

We'll be playing along too! 

What we are looking for:  

Our main goal is to stay connected, inspire each other in incorporating yoga into our daily lives, and to connect with awesome, like-minded people.   What we are looking for in a prize recipient, is someone who participates in all of the challenges and makes it uniquely their own! Please include all challenges items within the 15 day time-frame (i.e. they do not necessarily have to be posted exactly on each day.)


This challenge begins March 5th. We can’t wait to learn more about you!